• Jeffery Thompson Jr

    Jeffery Thompson Jr

    Entrepreneur/Filmmaker/Game Writer @jflash05

  • Azemina


  • Cristo López, PhD

    Cristo López, PhD

    I dream, think, and create, then write about it all with an open heart | American living & writing full-time in Monterrey, Mexico |

  • David Molnar

    David Molnar

    Creating magic with creative teams at Square Enix Montreal.

  • Milaperetz


    Giving you access to untold stories, facts, and expert sources on all things about Middle East

  • SF Ali

    SF Ali

    Medium's resident cheerleader.

  • Dan Carter

    Dan Carter

    Data Scientist @ Unity Technologies. Formerly of SEGA. ML, mobile games, F2P, programming, data! All views are my own.

  • Ioannis Xydakis

    Ioannis Xydakis

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