5 More Persistent and Harmful Player Support Misconceptions That Will Affect the Player Experience

1) Player Support is reactive

2) Player Support service quality is all about rules and policies

3) Player Support requires virtually no (tech) resources

  • CRM software: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools allows you to receive, categorise and respond to player messages. Recent CRM software is often powered with automated features, workflow management, machine learning and analytics features to name a few. Many offer in-app support solutions (integration via SDK), which clearly is the way for mobile game studios, and integrate with a variety of channels. Integration, new features and regular maintenance requires technical expertise.
  • Administration portal: These allow Player Support specialists to manipulate or search for player profile data in order to solve a support request. Most of these are a visual representation of the profile data with a layer of functionalities added on top of it. They’ll allow your specialists to link accounts with identifiers, manipulate scores or in-game resources, reset player progress, etc. Technical expertise is continuously required as new game features often require new administrative functions. Under no circumstances do you want anyone needing to directly manipulate a raw json file. Ever!
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4) Player feedback is the same as negativity and complaining

  • Player Feedback: the process of obtaining a player’s opinion about your studio, game or a particular feature. This can be either praise or criticism.
  • Player Complaints: the process of receiving reports from players on a dysfunctionality in their interaction with your studio, game or a particular feature. This can be anything ranging from your company’s stance on sustainability to toxic behaviour or bug reports.
  • Player Support Requests: the process of receiving reports from players who require assistance on matters related to your studio, game or a feature. Here you’ll find your GDPR requests, account recovery cases, how-to questions and more.
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5) Only Player Support is responsible for Player Satisfaction



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